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2019 Classes

    CLASS                                                 Payout %

All Levels HC                                                                      70%

#9 RANCH HAND HC                                                       65%

#8  HC                                                                                  60%

#6 HC                                                                                   55%

#4 HC                                                                                  55%

#7 ROOKIE HC                   55% Rookie Sorter/ 100% PRO Gate

(see Rules and Regulations below for specifics on #7 Rookie Class)

Every year our members have the opportunity to battle it out for the most coveted prize...the ranch cutter saddle! URSA gives away 4 saddles each year to the rider with the most points in each division. Every show is a chance to earn points towards these saddles and other year end prizes!

Our divisions are determined by individual rating.

Pro Division - Sorters Rated #5 and #6
Amateur Division - Sorters Rated #3 and #4

Novice Division - Sorters Rated #2

Rookie Division - Sorters Rated #1

Each sorter will be able to drop two of their lowest point shows out of 7 shows. The total points for 5 of their highest point shows will determine the winner of this coveted prize! Come out and join the fun sorting for the saddle!

URSA gives away prizes for every show! Ranch Sorters have the opportunity to earn coveted High Money Buckles, and more! Not only will you have the opportunity to earn prizes for each show, but will also earn points towards other year end prizes too!

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